IT Procurement Consulting

The first step towards a successful project lies in properly defining the project’s objectives, scope, purpose and deliverables, before purchase of a solution. Our IT Consultants have deep experience in designing complex IT solutions, and work with organizations to define a Project Proposal and Business Requirements Document. We will also evaluate various solutions to help an organization pick the right solution that meets their requirements.

Project Management Services

Project Management ensures that projects are completed within a specified scope, time, materials and cost. Our experienced Project Managers will work with an organization from project inception to project closure, to ensure client satisfaction, and more importantly, end user satisfaction.

Quality Management Services

Even after proper project requirements definition and specification, Quality Management is needed throughout the lifecycle of a project to ensure project success, which is not defined by project completion, but rather, the project’s conformance to the organization expectations and requirements. Our IT Consultants monitor solution design and implementation to ensure the project meets business requirements and is implemented according to industry best practices. After project deployment, our IT Consultants will perform a Threat and Risk Assessment on the project to ensure that the project has not exposed the organization to any security

Business Impact Assessment and Business Process Documentation

Projects always have an impact on business processes and systems. The challenge usually is that, given initial lack of technical understanding of the project, organizations only start to understand the impact once the project is completed, leading to adoption challenges. Our team will help to document an organization’s business process in relation to the proposed project, ensuring ease of adoption of the solution.