Strategic IT Planning

Dyge will examine an organization’s existing IT processes, infrastructure and systems with regards to the organization’s current and future strategy. Our IT Consultants will then work with the organization to develop a strategic IT roadmap based on industry best practices and market trends.

Information Security Program Development

We help organizations achieve a Security-as-a-Practice operations model, where security is achieved through People following Processes, and Technology being used to enforce Processes.

Threat and Risk Assessment

Information Security is about ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Our Threat and Risk Assessment service helps organizations maximize security while balancing security with efficiency.

Gap Analysis

There is an increasing number of IT-related regulations that organizations have to comply with. Our Gap Analysis service helps organizations determine their current level of regulatory compliance, and includes recommendations as to how to achieve full compliance.

Vulnerability Assessment

IT infrastructure needs constant updating to keep up with new exploits. Our Vulnerability Assessment service helps organizations find and prioritize vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure so remediation can be done.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing service is targeted towards clients with mature security posture, who are interested in testing whether their Security Practice can withstand an intrusion attempt from an advanced attacker with a specific goal.

Firewall Assessment

Firewalls are the first line of defence in network security. A firewall misconfiguration or a permissive rule can act as an easy entry point for an attacker. Our Firewall Assessment Service helps organizations assess their firewalls for misconfigurations and rules that could cause security gaps. Assessment can also be done to verify compliance against industry regulations and best practices.

Network Assessment

Our Network Assessment service provides an assessment of the network infrastructure and connected systems for performance risks, security risks, and regulatory compliance.

DLP Assessment and Planning

Data Loss Prevention is a strategy that aims at controlling flow of sensitive information within the organization and from the organization. Our DLP Assessment and Planning service helps organizations define a Data Protection and Privacy Policy that covers data classification, employee communication and data handling policies, governance and incident handling.

BYOD Assessment and Planning

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the increasingly popular policy of permitting employees to use personal computing devices – such as smartphones, tablets and laptops – to connect to the corporate network and access privileged applications and data. Our BYOD Assessment and Planning service helps organizations assess their readiness for BYOD and prepare a BYOD strategy and roadmap.

Cloud Computing Security Assessment

Many organizations are quickly adopting cloud computing, without properly assessing security implications of cloud services. We work with organizations and their preferred cloud providers to analyse the risk of adopting intended cloud services, by comparing the cloud provider’s current security practices against industry best practices, thereby providing organizations an assurance of their data’s confidentiality, integrity and availability even when on cloud infrastructure.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning are practices that help organizations prepare for disruptive events (such as power outages and natural calamities) that could critically impair an organization’s business operations. While Disaster Recovery focuses on service resumption after a disruptive event, Business Continuity Planning is more comprehensive and focuses on long term or critical challenges that could affect organizational success, such as abrupt absence or departure of key staff, supply chain breakdowns and critical failures.