Who We Are

Dyge Consultancy Limited (Dyge) is an IT Consulting and Project Services firm. We are based in Kenya, and work with clients all over Eastern and Southern Africa.

At Dyge, we follow one core principle: vendor-neutrality - our advisory services are without bias or favour to any vendor. Our view is that Consultancies and System Integrators who sell vendor products or services, try as they might, cannot offer advice without showing preference or distortion, in that they stand to gain through sales and management of vendor product or service. It is because of this that we do not sell vendor products or services, nor do we have any direct vendor partnerships. Our Consulting team uses a client-centric People-Process-Technology approach to consulting, and only provides recommendations after an understanding of an organization’s business, their requirements, and associated risks. Our Project Services team will work with any IT Vendor, System Integrator or Reseller, to ensure organizations get the right solution, for the right purpose, done the right way.